Summary of my Time in Guatemala

I have left beloved Guatemala and recently arrived in El Salvador.  I was in Guatemala 37 days and could have easily stayed longer.

Guatemala is a land of contradictions.  There is diverse physical beauty and also diesel smoke, grim, water pollution and deforestation.  There is poverty and lack of opportunity to advance, yet incredible warmth, humor and generosity.

I lived very inexpensively, yet was not found lacking.  I totaled all my expenses including lodging, food, alcohol, transportation, miscellaneous supplies and two weeks (40 hours) of Spanish School.  After dividing by 37 days, I found that my daily average was $23.75.  How did I do it?  I homestayed for two weeks, splurged one week in a nice hotel ($7.50/night) and hosteled the rest.  The hostels were great.  I occasionally dormed but mostly had a private room for a couple extra dollars.  I rode chicken buses and water taxis for the most part.  I ate wonderful street food and the freshest fruit ever.

Things I would have liked to do but didn’t this time:

  • Return to Tikal
  • Return to Rio Dulce
  • Do a jungle trek to El Mirador (if you haven’t heard of it then Google it)

I will return to Guatemala again and again.  Of that I am sure.

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