La Escuela Cooperativa

I am studying Spanish at La Escuela Cooperative or the cooperative school in San Pedro La Laguna, Lake Atitlan, San Pedro.  I am in my second and probably last week here.

The cooperative is a school that is collectively owned by the teachers.  In addition to one-on-one teaching, the school gives back to the communities’ poor.  On Thursdays we deliver food to a few families that the school helps to feed.  They are also currently building a house for a family of six that lives in a corrugated metal lean-to structure.  They also pay for a P.E. teacher and a music teacher in the local school as the government does not provide these educational services.

La Escuela Cooperative

As you can see the grounds are a beautiful place to study.  Each Palapa is a classroom for one student and one teacher.

La Escuela Cooperativa

I am most fortunate to have a view of Lago de Atitlan from my desk!  This is my teacher, Ligia.

Mi Maestra

Ligia, Mi Maestra

She is very patient with my seemingly slow progress.  She will not speak to me in English; however, when I expressed frustration with understanding conversations a couple days ago, she immediately shifted gears and now much more of our work day is having verbal conversation.

The school has other activities most evenings as well such as salsa dancing and Spanish films.  The other night we had a conference with a speaker about the Guatemalan civil war.  They include some weekend activities as well such as kayaking and volcano hiking.

San Pedro is the least expensive town I have ever visited.  You can get great street food.  For example, Sunday evening I had 3 tacos for Q10.  Then a great roasted chicken breast from another vendor for Q3.  Finally a tostada with all the trimmings for Q3.  Total cost of dinner, $2.

In closing, here are a couple pictures of mi familia de San Pedro:

Anna, their cousin, also Anna, Tina and Evelyn

Anna and I had just finished some one-on-one basketball outside. She won hands down!

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