When I awoke this morning I had no idea I would be writing this post.  After all, it was just yesterday that  I wrote about my last 10 days of family chilling in Isan, Thailand.

This morning, Anna informed me that my services as a photographer would be required.  I was instructed to get my butt out of bed, grab my camera and leave my laptop behind (or have it fried by flying water).  We rode down the road a bit to a very nice house where Anna’s #1 daughter, Pop, was about to be transformed from a 12-year-old girl into….

This was a very big deal!  Apparently, all young women in greater Na Kae of a certain age and size (I am a bit unclear as to the demarcation line), participate in this ritual.


First the hair is elaborately done up.  Then a lot of makeup is lovingly and skillfully applied.  Yes, the subjects are considerably whiter afterward.



Then comes the wardrobe.  After which Anna and her sister Ann check for loose threads or anything else that is less than perfect.



Wow:  The final result!



Then we are off for the local Wat, arriving at a staging area filled with dozens of large floats and many hundreds of costumed participants.  It takes a few moments for the enormity of this village reality to sink in; and then I go to work.






Even the local ladyboys had a float!  Well, I could spend another hour posting photos here, but I have to get back to a party!  Anyway they are all here in this gallery.  


Photo by Anna

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  1. Scott April 13, 2014 at 10:09 pm #

    Wow, another letter from ‘the real world’!
    Did you get to use any of your old make up skills or was your camera work sufficient? 🙂

    All those lovely memories to leave behind for those folk, your so luck to have had the opportunity to do this for them.

    • Philip April 14, 2014 at 5:39 am #

      I feel the same way Scott. It was an even bigger gift for me, I feel.

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