The Great American Road Trip–Part VII

Glacier National Park and

The Road to Bryce Canyon NP


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Day Three

For my third and final day in Glacier National Park, my plan was to take half a day exploring the Two Medicine area of the park.  Leaving the motel in East Glacier, Montana, a short drive across the old railroad depot brought me to the historic Glacier Park Lodge.  Built in 1912, it seemed a fun place for what turned out to be a yummy and hearty breakfast.

These touring cars were being shuttered for the winter. They date back to the early days of the park.  They have been refurbished and converted to run on propane.  As a century ago, today they are still used to give tourists roadside views of the park.

After breakfast and with the weather looking to turn foul, I headed toward the Two Medicine Park Entrance, a journey of five miles.  Along the way I saw this fella walking along the road.

Four miles into the park, the road ends at Two Medicine Lake.  By now, there was a freezing rain being driven by a swift wind.

Two Medicine Lake and Rising Wolf Mountain, Glacier National Park, U.S.A.

Well after the incredible day yesterday, it would have been downright unappreciative to be disappointed for more than as moment.  I slipped on some rain gear and walked five or six minutes by the lake before the wind, rain and cold drove me back into the comfort of my Jeep and its heated seats!

So, I left this glorious park and got an earlier start on what would be a two day and roughly 800 mile journey to Bryce Canyon National Park in much warmer southern Utah.  Shortly after leaving the park, the weather significantly improved.  Here is what the rest of the day looked like:

Yes, this time I took the interstate.  Spending the night in Salt Lake City, I continued most of the following day to Bryce.

…to be continued

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