The Road to Semuc Champey, Part 1

Or Not Your Bing and Bob Movie Friday morning four intrepid travelers depart for a weekend in Lanquin and Semuc Champey:  Manuel of Quetzalroo, Katrina of Australia, Lucas of Switzerland and your humble and sometimes corny writer.  Our destination is deep in the highland jungles of Guatemala. Our friendly taxi deriver Otto, aka Mario brothers, […]

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There is a town in the western highlands of Guatemala called Chichicastenango.  Every Thursday and Sunday they have the largest market in the region.  People come from all over the highlands to set up their stalls, booths and tables to sell mostly textiles as well as food and other items. Every pueblo and village has […]

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Quetzaltenango (Xela)

Quetzaltenango, or its Mayan name Xela, is Guatemala’s second city.  Although at just over 300,000 inhabitants, it is considerably smaller than Guate.  It is located high in the western highlands and gets very cold at night. For the most part, there is little to see in the city itself which is mostly dirty, noisy and […]

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