Two Views of Ahuachapan

Ahuachapan is a bustling colonial town of 38,000 inhabitants just 16 km from the Guatemalan border.  I passed through it’s busy bus terminal and traffic choked central market when I first arrived in El Salvador.

I returned for an afternoon while staying in Juayua.  A walk around the lovely Plaza Concordia and a pita lunch gave me a much different view of the town.

Plaza Concordia

Kiosk, Plaza Concordia

Concerts are sometimes held at the kiosk.  Today, it was just locals enjoying the breeze.

Nuestra Señora de Asunción, Ahuachapán, El Salvador

After all that peace, a trek back through the market and the chicken bus terminal.

Centro Mercado, Ahuachapan, El Salvador

Heading Home to Juayua


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