New Week; New Routines

I finished two weeks of school and debated on a third.  I decided that I had absorbed about as much as my brain could handle for the moment and that I would take some time to integrate and converse with my new Espanol. I had a heartfelt farewell with my adopted local family, but decided to stay in San Pedro for several more days and explore some of the surrounding towns and sights that I had not seen.

So I splurged on a little place.  It is called the hotel Pinochio.  It is muy tranquillo, has a beautiful garden and I have a hammock outside a clean and private room. The cost is Q60 or $7.50 per night.

I get up in the morning and walk up the hill to the central market where I buy fresh pineapple and papaya slices for Q3.  This morning I awoke rather early and was treated to an incredible sunrise over the lake.

Sunrise over Lago de Atitlan

After several minutes of gaging appreciation, I continued my walk.

Fellow Shoppers Heading to and from the Market.

Then a stop at my favorite fruit stand.  The woman has a quick turnaround and keeps the cut fruit under glass so no flies land on it!

My Favorite Fruit Stand, Central Market, San Pedro La Laguna

Then I head down the other side of the hill to Cafe Crystalline where I get a cup of the most incredible coffee.

Gasoline Powered Coffee Grinder

This old gasoline powered coffee grinder sits in the window.  Luis, the proprietor, restored it but actually uses a modern electric grinder.  All the Guatemalan coffee is quite good but most places make it on the weak side.  Luis makes one killer cup of coffee!

Then, the five minute walk back to Pinochio’s where I enjoy my goodies in the hammock and plan the day’s adventures.

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