La Feria Gastronomica Internacional De Juayua

I have been staying in the lovely town of Juayua, El Salvador, for several days now.  Each Saturday and Sunday the town hosts an “international” food fair which draws many visitors from San Salvador and various countries.  The streets are taken over by food booths, live entertainment, and last Sunday there were even belly dancers!

La Feria Gastronomica Internacional De Juayua

Over the period I had incredible ceviche and the largest shrimp I have ever seen.

Waiting for Ceviche

The Ceviche Master

Nuclear Mutant Godzilla Shrimp-Yum

I also had a plate with a very tender flank steak which came with some small balls of chorizo, tortillas, rice, plantains and two kinds of salsa for $5.00.

Steak and all the Salvadorian Trimmings

Happy Campers

More Satisfied Customers

More Chefs and Cooks

There were lots of choices.  Here are a few a did not get around to this time.



This fellow was walking around with a live Boa around his neck.  I wonder if he was planning to serve it later.

Salvadorian with Boa Constrictor


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