Music, rum, cervesa and dancing are in the air and everywhere.

Dancing in the Street

Local Band Performs

The locals are definitely having a great time and are quite out of control.  The gringos are running a close second.

Samba Time


I am feeling a little hungry so I pause to check out the infamous “meat on a stick” guy.

The Meat on a Stick Guy

Reinvigorated and rehydrated, I meander down the street a ways and find a group of musicians and dancers forming up for an impromptu parade down the main drag and through the town which will wind up at the main stage.  I manage to get some stills and then follow the parade shooting like crazy.  The conditions are poor, but a get a few keepers out of about 65 shots.

Parade Drummers

A Multigenerational Group for Sure

As the parade continues through town, the crowd grows and really encourages the dancers and musicians.

Let's Samba!

Carnaval Revelers

After the parade a band cranked up on stage with some decent reggae and Latin rhythms.  They ended just after midnight and I returned to my room.

But it wasn’t over!

They cranked up the really bad reeggaeton and kept it going until 4:00 a.m.  So much for Ash Wednesday.  Thursday it was off to find another killer beach on the north side of the island called Bocos del Drago.  Another world far removed from the hubbub of Bocas Town.

Bocas del Drago

Carnaval Escapees

Chillin' with the Stars

Life is good, all is well and I am off mañana for Panama City.

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2 Responses to FAT TUESDAY

  1. Larry Viser March 16, 2011 at 8:07 am #

    Carni-val! Carni-val! Everyone is so happy at the Carni-val! Wow, those are some great shots Phil! And love the pic with you hangin’ out with the stars…Thanks again for bringing me along!!!

  2. Judie March 16, 2011 at 8:50 am #

    Great hearing from you again~Enjoyed your narration and photos of your time in Panama and Carnival so far! Some memorable and crazy times during Carnival, for sure! Looks like you hung in there w/ the bad reeggaeton~oy!!!
    Great photo w/ you and the stars!! Bocas del Drago is beautiful!

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