The Old City of Cartagena at Night


As the sun sets on Cartagena, Colombia, the lights come on and give this beautiful city an entirely different look and feel.

Sunset from Cafe del Mar, Cartagena, Colombia

And the Lights Come On

La quinta por favor (check please).  Let’s go for a stroll.  Walking back toward the old city entrance we get our first glimpse of the clock tower.

Top of Clock Tower

Continuing onward for a better view, we notice that the color scheme is changing.

Main Entrance: Old City of Cartagena

Looking at the modern office building just outside the walls and lighted in green, I think I would like to get up on the roof before I leave and get some arial shots of the old city.  Then my gaze returns to the clock tower.

Clock Tower, Old City Entrance, Cartagena

Let’s walk outside the walls for a few minutes.

Just Outside the Walled City

Okay, there’s still a lot more to see back inside.

Stroling Cartagena at Night

Everywhere we walk, the plazas, fountains and churches are awash in colored light.

A Cool Breeze from this Fountain Refreshes the Warm Cartagena Evening Air

Just ahead in the plaza are another group of street performers.

Street Performers, Old Cartagena at Night

It’s been a great day and night.  Now was it left or right back to the hotel?

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