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The Great American Road Trip–Part II

The Road to Yellowstone National Park Rather than follow the boring interstate through Nevada, I planned this route over US395 and across US20 instead.  At 961 miles (Google Maps) some overnight breaks were certain.  I stopped in the old mining city of Susanville where I caught US395.  First stop, Goose Lake.  Why?  Because it is […]

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Prince William Sound


It had rained for the last several days hiking Hatcher Pass and then Denali NP.  However, a clear day dawned for my kayak trip to the Columbia Glacier leaving from Valdez.  Once in the kayak I could not help but contemplate how 20 years earlier, this had been the site of the worst man-made ecological […]

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After hiking 6-12 miles per day for a week, our group of 14 new friends (including two incredible guides) unanimously decides to spring for two de Havillands for an up close and personal view of the highest summit in North America. The weather graciously cooperated. Tweet

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