My name is Philip Shear.  Why did I resign a position I loved for 15 years as a chef at a nonprofit organization in the Santa Cruz Mountains?  In brief, I contracted a serious case of travelitis.  I decided I was going to travel for a year, see new places and make new friends.  That was in 2008.  Except for two brief returns to California, I have been traveling ever since.

During that time I traveled extensively throughout the western United States, Canada, Alaska, Mexico (twice), Central America (four times), South America, New Zealand, Bali, Java, Fiji, Burma and Thailand.

I love to hike, kayak and photograph.  My first year, I completed a Latin America walkabout.  Along the way I studied Spanish in Guatemala and participated in two volunteer projects which are dear to my heart.  While there I checked two items off my bucket list:  The Galapagos Islands and Machu Pichu.

2012’s highlight was five months tramping New Zealand, a land I have wanted to visit most of my life.  Currently, In 2013, I began tackling Southeast Asia beginning with a month in Burma (Myanmar).  Eventually, I made my base in Thailand where I met my wife. This blog is my collection of tales of adventure and the celebration of the diversity of people, places and cultures with which I connect.

I hope you enjoy this effort and look forward to your comments.  See you down the road.

Pura Vida!